The Kroovs - April 21, 2018

The Kroovs were forged in the hot, sweaty pits of tropical far North Queensland by Seamus Lunt and Stacey Brown. The bastard love child of celtic punk sensibilities, old school rock n' roll appreciation and sweet folk inclinations, The Kroovs came screaming into the world on a balmy evening in April 2014.

A celebration of all things folk and blues, The Kroovs will take you from the brumby plains of the southern highlands, to a boozer in the hills of Donegal, sail you into the smugglers coves in Cornwall before dumping you on a dusty verandah rocking chair in Virginia to rock away your musical woes.

The unstoppable momentum of a flaming steam train on an unfinished track, The Kroovs create a big sound that belies their number with driving rhythmic guitar accompanied by furious fiery fiddle, tinkling mandolin, roaring vocals, and untiring percussion. 

The Kroovs high energy performance, on stage banter, floor shaking tunes and expressive songs are sure to entertain. Drawing influence from the traditional folk canon, and everyone from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin they tackle songs about cowboys, whisky, piracy, gypsies, cocaine, love and murder.

Tix $60.00pp

(includes nibbles and cheese platters)