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Tailor Birds - May 26, 2018

Welcome back Sophie. Your music is so special and heartwarming and really lifts the whole river experience.

Tickets: $60pp


The Tailor Birds sound is headed back to Cooktown for the Riverbend Cruises, one of the last shows in Australia before heading back to Europe for a 6th European summer tour.  2018 has been a big year, which sees Sophie touring Australia wide alongside her Europe commitments, alongside the release of 2 new records, and a possible 3rd album set to be recorded.

Sophie Kinston, front woman, electric violinist and creative force behind the Tailor Birds sound, has had a few minor setbacks including a broken ankle and a suitcase of luggage being thrown out of a coach window, but she is back in full swing.

With the release of new lullaby, 'Stilts on the Water', in early 2017, touring the record Australia wide, this is thrilling electric violin, world folk at its' finest, and music at its' most raw.  Weaving through classical, experimental and folk inspirations, Tailor Birds builds an audience that is as diverse as much as it is one, telling tales about love, loss, hopes, dreams, that anything is possible.  Connecting their people to something good again, in a world that is constantly changing, this is music to inspire, ignite the spirit, and challenge our inner most desires.