Private functions - Details

Planning a wedding? A birthday party? Organizing a school excursion or AGM? Or simply want the boat all to yourself? 

  • ‘Nautilus’ is a wide stable safari style river boat that comfortably seats up to 30 guests in a spacious casual café style setting allowing plenty of room undercover or on the foredeck for taking in the beauty of what is arguably one of Australia’s most famous rivers.
  • The vessel is very versatile allowing us to rearrange or remove tables and chairs to accommodate up to 36 guests. You are welcome to dress the boat to best suit your event - possibilities are endless and your imagination is the limit.  
  • 'Nautilus' is fitted with port, starboard and bow spotlights for use after dark for a unique night time experience.
  • Feel free to bring along your own music (most devices can easily be connected to our PA system).
  • For your convenience the vessel is fitted with a toilet.
  • We have wine glasses and an ice filled esky, ice buckets, bottle openers and stops all available to make your function as comfortable as possible.
  • We are more than happy to assist you with your catering requirements.

Our goal is to make your event a memorable experience. Please give us a call to discuss your ideas. 

Boat inspections are available by appointment.


  • Exclusive vessel hire with a hostess
  • Ice filled esky
  • Mosquito repellent 


Call or email us to obtain your quote.

we are a balloon free vessel

Similar to plastic bags, debris from balloons represents a danger, because animals may become entangled in ribbons preventing normal foraging activity. Animals also mistake balloon debris for food and ingest material, which may block the stomach or intestines and lead to starvation. It is impossible to give figures for the number of animals dying from entanglement or ingestion of latex balloon remains. At least 2% of fulmar (seabird) stomachs investigated have remains of balloons in them. 

Riverbend Tours has taken a part in a number of beach clean-ups and is painfully aware of the marine debris issue. We are trying to avoid contributing to the plastic debris polluting our waterways and are encouraging our guests to do the same.